Architraves and internal Doors 2/12/14


Kitchen Installation,bathroom vanity & waterproofing 27/11/14


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Garage Installation 25/11/14


Cornices & finishing Gyprock prep complete  25/11/14

Gyprock Walls Complete  13-14/11/14

Eaves, finishing carpentry, electrical, plumbing, insulation and air cond installation all in 1 week!





Roof complete  30-31/10/14



Bricks Complete 27/10/14

Fascia & Guttering and bricks cleaned 28-29/10/14


Bricks continued 18/10/14


Frames complete 15/10/14




 Bricks Commenced 13/10/14


First layer of bricks started. Wet weather holding up!

 Bricks delivered 10/10/14

                            Windows sliding Doors in 9/10/14

Frames continued 5/10/14

Door Jambs in


Frames continued

roof trusses up


2/10/14 Frames continued 


Frames Commenced 1/10/14



Slab Complete 26/9

Piering, waffle pods, formwork and Termite protection 


Drainage 22/9/14

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Never been so happy to see this sign :)


At the end of the drive I found they had put up fencing & spotted a portaloo 12/9/14

Block drying out well! thanks to the sunny day yesterday and a bit of wind


Don't know why but I only  have part of fencing. 


Site cut 9/9/14

The day after site cut and a heavy rain 10/9/14

Sediment control 10/9/14

Pegged 3/9/14


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